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Pet Headliners Last Updated: Apr 16th, 2012 - 18:57:46

Pet Headliners
Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy…

By Joanne McDowell

I read once that the loss of a pet is harder than losing a relative. The article went on to say that we love our relatives from afar but do not have them at our side daily, which is why the loss of a pet is so difficult.

It was 1995 and there was no shelter in Sandusky County. Our humane agent, Gil Fonseca, brought us a litter of four of the smelliest kittens I had ever seen! They had holes in their necks, which prompted a visit to the FAH. The holes were blowflies that had tunneled into their small bodies. I shall never forget the horror of that visit; I have never again seen such a thing, for which I am thankful. The four smelly black kittens improved and eventually we found homes for all but one…Rocky.

Jun 21, 2008, 17:48

Pet Headliners
My Pet World:Experts Gather to Advocate for Cats
                        By Steve Dale

        Cat didn't get their tongue. Experts from around the country met in Palm Springs, CA, Feb. 5-6 to chart a course of action to help cats at the CATalyst Summit. Cats don't fair as well as dogs when it comes to veterinary visits, they are more often abused than dogs, and they are relinquished to shelters more than their canine cousins - not to mention the plight of millions of stray and feral cats.

Feb 23, 2008, 21:52

Pet Headliners
Pet World

By Steve Dale

Q: I just took in a stray cat. She's tentative, though not terrified. Any
advice? - S.G.

A: A truly feral cat is very difficult to tame. However, either young
kittens or cats previously owned make wonderful pets.  Also, plug in Feliway (a kind of aroma therapy to calm cats), available at many pets stores, vet offices and online.

Consider clicker training. Click a clicker (available at pet stores and
online) and offer a extraordinary treat, so the cat knows a click is good.
Once she seems to understand, click the clicker for friendly behaviors, and ignore those that aren't. Most importantly, be patient.

Jul 30, 2007, 21:05

Pet Headliners
Pet World

By Steve Dale
Q: Ever since we moved, my 14-year-old cat has refused to use the litter
box. We have puppy training mats around the house, which she uses half the
time. My father is sick of all this and wants to get rid of the cat but I've
had her since I was 8. We have another cat who's 15 and uses the box
correctly. I know the other cat is healthy. What can we do? - G.L

Jun 25, 2007, 15:54

Pet Headliners
My Pet World

                        By Steve Dale

                        Q: Thanks for covering the story on tainted pet food
so insightfully, but with every day another pet food being recalled, I worry about what to feed my two cats and two dogs. Can I ever trust pet foods again? - S.H., Orlando, FL

Apr 25, 2007, 19:13

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